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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New York - Day 8 (The Final Instalment)

It has taken me almost a week to write this, because I've been busy, tired and, now, ill (the dreaded cold one often gets after flying with a bunch of strangers).

We woke early on our final day in New York, and enjoyed our last sunrise from our hotel room (pictured).

After breakfast, we packed our bags. Let me tell you, it was quite the challenge packing all the shoes we'd purchased! Hubby almost forgot two pairs that I discovered in one closet. (A sure sign he already had too many!)

After checking out of the hotel, we headed down Fifth Avenue in search of a place to have coffee, but we couldn't really find anything. Eventually, we found ourselves at Bloomingdales - a very famous department store that I'm sure you've heard of - with the main aim to see if we could find Hubby some business suits. With our New York City Pass in hand (a booklet you purchase which allows entry to some museums, Ellis Island etc - we bought ours online before we left, but you can also pick them up in New York), we used our 15% off voucher for the store - allowing us the discount for the whole day. We were pleased to find the suits of Hubby's choice were already 25% off, and the 15% was on top of that! In the end, Hubby got two suits for less that the price of one here in Sydney. (Woot!)

After that, we headed to Magnolia Bakery, conveniently located near the Men's department at Bloomingdales.

Lovin' all the Halloween decorations.

I'd heard a lot about this bakery, so was excited to find it and indulge in a cupcake.

Red Velvet for me, Chocolate of some sort for Hubby.

They were yummy, but to be honest, I wouldn't say they were any better than some of the cupcakes I've had in Australia. Still, I loved the way the store was decked out. I was very tempted to buy one of their cupcake books, but resisted knowing that I already had some art books that I'd purchased from The Frick Collection that would be weighing my suitcase down!

Right after ordering our cupcakes, I looked up at the pies on display and found PUMPKIN PIE!!! I'm kicking myself now, because at the time I thought it would be silly to also order a piece along with our cupcakes, but I should have just done it. Even if we'd only had a bite each, it was only $4 a slice. After the shopping we'd done, it was hardly going to break the bank!

Next time. Next. Time.

By the time we'd finished up, and bought Hubby some new sunglasses (yes - Hubby did well from our trip), it was time for Hubby to head back to the hotel to collect his bags (he was on a different flight to me). I walked down Lexington with him until I found a shop that sold bags, as I knew I'd need a bit of extra space if I bought anything else. Whilst there, I picked up New York t-shirts for the boys. The shopkeeper was nice enough to keep my purchases with him so I wouldn't have to lug it around the shops with me. I farewelled Hubby (*sniff*) and made my way back to Bloomingdales. On the way, I checked out a H&M store where I found a couple of nice (inexpensive) tops. At Bloomingdales I bought MAC eye shadows (for only $15 each!) and some nightwear and knickers (as you do). I tried to get myself some jeans, but for some reason, I just couldn't find the right ones for me in New York, so I gave up.

I headed back towards the Rockefeller Centre to take a look at the ice skaters. It seems much bigger in the movies!

Then I went in to the Lego store right next door and picked up some Lego products for each of the boys. (Much cheaper in New York. Was tempted to buy more for Christmas, but I just didn't have the space. Sorry boys....Mummy's clothes kinda came first!)

By then, I was hungry and a little over shopping. I returned to the hotel to drop off my purchases in my new bag (which I had picked up on the way to the Rockefeller Center), and wandered off in search of some food. I found a cafe around the corner from the hotel where I had a beef sandwich that had SO much beef in it, I had to remove half of it! (It was delicious, though.)

Then I re-packed my bags and headed to the airport. I tell you - I worry a lot about flying, but I figured if I could survive a taxi ride to the airport, I'd be okay. (Talk about a wild ride!) Fortunately (or perhaps, unfortunately - I can't quite decide), my Qantas flight wasn't affected by the industrial action, so I left on the right day and on time. (Hubby had booked me in a few more nights at the hotel just in case my flight was still cancelled, and I was quite excited about the prospect of a few extra days in New York! Ah, well. I was also ready to see my boys again, so it worked out okay in the end.)

When I finally returned home on Wednesday morning, the big boys were at school, and the four-year-old was at his sports class. When he got home, he walked straight in to my arms and just held me for a very long time. He didn't leave my side all day. (Gorgeous.)

I picked up the big boys from school that afternoon. They weren't quite as excited to see me (*sigh*), but were soon VERY interested in what I had for them on their return home. (Not surprisingly, the t-shirts and FDNY keyrings I bought them were hastily pushed aside in order to get to the Lego.)

The trip was amazing. Hubby and I are already talking about doing another one next year (and I simply must get back to New York - I never did get that bike ride in Central Park, and I have a long list of things I still want to do)!


Thea said...

What a wonderful adventure, but I bet you're really happy to be home.

Love that you want to go back...for pumpkin pie!! :)

I loved seeing New York through your eyes.

Christie said...

I agree with Thea, I loved going on tour with you ;) Glad you are home safely, get well soon xx

Naomi said...

I have always wanted ti ice skate there! One day...

Glad you're home safe & sound and I bet your boys are too. xxx

stinkb0mb said...

sounds like you had such an amazing time and i'm so grateful that you chose to share your holiday here, so it felt a bit like we were experiencing it too!


p.s. random extra comment - when are you holding auditions for Blogging! The Musical? I've been fine tuning my vocals....

Donna said...

Sounds like it was all so divine (except for the cold one does get from the shared air space with strangers, as you say!) and so cannot wait to get there one day...